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March 2010

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BLEACH (ShunUki & anon!Uki)

Title: 【 わたしはあなたのおもちゃなの。】
Artist|Circle: Ameya (Nishikigoi)
Pairing: Shunsui x Jūshirō ; young!Unknown Shinigami x young!Jūshirō ; unknown shinigami captain(?) x Jūshirō (♂×♂)
Rating: YAOI | SERIOUS Photobucket
Warnings: implied SM-themes|practices; blow job

Pages|Type: 90 (b/w) ; DOUJINSHI
Date of 1st publication: 30/12/2006
Language: japanese
Market Status → OOP



|| Comment ||

『Contains explicit ADULT content. Absolutely NOT suitable for minors.』

This doujinshi is divided into several parts.

+ Shunsui Kyōraku pays a visit to Jūshirō Ukitake, while he's having something to eat.

+ Shunsui wakes up, noticing a woman next to him.
Excusing himself, he wents out to get some fresh air, when he suddenly stumbles upon Jūshirō -who is resting against a wall, sitting on the ground.
With a slight blood trail still on the left corner of his mouth, he greets his friend annoyed, when Shunsui throws him his flowery kimono on and forces him to follow him through the dark streets of Seireitei.

Academy days: Both get to know each other (better).
One day, Shunsui walks alone on the academy grounds (near a forest), when suddenly one of his comrades flits past him. Only a few feets further, he finds a half-dressed Jūshirō with a newish grin.
After this 'incident' Shunsui starts to pay more attention to the (especially male) shinigamis around his ill comrade.

Ukitake is lying, trying to get some sleep -recalling the above scenes, although a sudden attack don't let him get the peace of mind he's searching for.
Alarmed, his vice-captain Kaien Shiba approaches his bedroom, asking if he's in need of help.
But Ukitake refuses to open the door and tells him to leave. Really reluctantly Kaien walks off, only to come across with Shunsui, whom he tells his worries about his captain.
In the meanwhile, Ukitake seems to have an unknown (shinigami) visitor....

Worried and at the same time a bit annoyed, Shunsui hastens away to check the other captain's condition by himself.
He finds the long haired shinigami coughing on the floor, naked only covered with a blanket. Furious he grasps the blanket revealing bloody cut marks on his pale chest (like you would e.g. receive during a whip SM-session or the likes).
They struggle a bit, and Shunsui starts to lick and bite the exposed body of his friend, penetrating him only with his fingers. But Ukitake stops him, giving him a blow job -trying to get him errect.
Only moments later Shunsui gets pissed off and wants to get away....but Ukitake asks him to stay, and after talking all things out, they end up having consensual sex.

+ Shunsui is resting. Hours and hours pass, without him even trying to move a solely finger.
But suddenly he hears some shinigami talking about the worsening of the 13th captain's health condition.
Nearly flash stepping he rushes to see his friend, finding him stable again -although a pool of blood indicates quite the contrary.
Visibly relieved, he takes Jūshirō in his arms. They have a 'sweet talk', and 13th division captain is able to smile again.

This circle offers a rather slutty & masochistic Ukitake and a rough & slight sadistic Shunsui -combined with finest yaoi themes.

「Please don't share nor hotlink these samples outside of this community without prior permission - thank you.」


This circle offers a rather slutty & masochistic Ukitake and a rough & slight sadistic Shunsui

For some reason I like seeing that with this pair. I've read a few other djs with ShunUki and I've seen Shunsui being a little rough but never a slutty Ukitake. It may be out of character but that's probably also the reason why I like seeing it with them.

From what I've seen it seems like everyone likes to focus on Ukitake's illness as well which always adds a sense of desperation and sadness to these stories. Thanks for posting this, it's always nice to see more ShunUki!
Yes...it's rather rare not to see a too effeminate or vulnerable Ukitake (talking about ShunUki related yaoi doujinshis).
About being slutty, indeed that's true. I haven't seen many doujinshis feat. him with this kind of "behavior".

From what I've seen it seems like everyone likes to focus on Ukitake's illness[...]

It depends. But you're right, many circles like to treat this subject in at least one of their publications.