After collecting rare doujinshis, artbooks, special & limited merchandise for over 10 years, I've decided to dissolve my whole collection with over 1000 items during the next few months.
The reason why ALL of the exposed doujinshis (see this community therefore) are up for sale.

This'll be a really unique opportunity for any collector or interested person to start or complete a collection - I guess.

I just hope that after your purchase, you'll enjoy and appreciate these doujinshis as much (or even more) that I've done over all these years.

All of the doujinshis will be in perfect new conditions (if not otherwise stated).
Please PM me with the links of the doujinshis you're interested in.


First of all....

A great welcome to all new members and a "glad to see you again" to all old members of this collector community.

The DOUJIN CAFÉ will be soon re-opened, awaiting you with new reviews, downloads and even some special features!

So please excuse and ignore in the meantime some changes and possible problems at reaching this community for the next days (or week/s).

I'm sorry for any inconveniences it may cause.

Hope, you all had a great time and were able to acquire some new treasures ^_~

See you all (hopefully) soon at the renewed doujin_cafe.

BLEACH (KenUkiShun & ShunUki)

Title: 【PUINCH!】
Artist|Circle: Ameya (Nishikigoi)
Pairing: Kenpachi x Jūshirō (& Shunsui); Shunsui x Jūshirō (♂×♂)
Rating: YAOI | SERIOUS Photobucket
Warnings: Spanking (SM-themes|practices); passive threesome; voyeurism; blow job; thighs-sex ("coitus inter femores" or commonly known as "Russian"; in this particular case the male form of 素股 [sumata] maybe)
Collapse )